Cherine's Case Studies

I completed a level 3 business administration apprenticeship as I wanted to gain a qualification to kickstart my career. The initial phone call I had before starting my apprenticeship gave me a lot of guidance as it confirmed everything I was unsure about, from the duration of the apprenticeship, to the hours worked, and the hourly wage.  This call helped to put everything into perspective. This programme has had a huge impact on me and I have gained a lot of confidence which I lacked a little bit before. I am now able to speak with ease over the phone to a variety of different people and offer them the service in which I was given before starting an apprenticeship. 

 I have also learnt about the working life and gained a lot of skills throughout my time as an apprentice. This has helped me develop a lot professionally and has given me the ability to improve and gain knowledge/ skills which are transferable in many job roles. 

Throughout my programme I was supported by my assessor at Wise Origin College as he gave me the support and guidance where it was needed so that I could work to the best of my ability. This showed when taking my End Point Assessment as I received a distinction and was able to answer most questions due to the amount of revision and the little push from my assessor.

I would 100% recommend the Level 3 Business Administration programme as it gives you the ability to learn about the workplace and laws within work which gives you great guidance for your job and future jobs.  It is also a great way to kick start a career as through the apprenticeship you learn and achieve so much which gives you the confidence and passion to progress throughout the company you are with. My plan for the future is to progress throughout the company I am with through either doing another qualification or eventually moving up to management or Team leading when I have gained enough experience and have the confidence to do so.