Decision Time

What Options Does Your Child Have?

Now that your son or daughter has finished school, the time has come for them to decide what career path to embark on.

There are many options available to them that you may not even know about. University is no longer viewed as the only option for further education, and Apprenticeships are experiencing a surge of interest at present, in-particular since the 2015 general election – with 3,000,000 Apprenticeships due to be created during the course of this parliamentary term.

If your son/daughter tend to learn better in a more practical environment rather than in the classroom, than an Apprenticeship could be perfect for them.

There are more options open to them than they even know. Many schools and colleges stress the importance of either continuing on to sixth form, college or university, and refer to Apprenticeships only as a secondary option for those who did not receive the grades they had hoped for. However, this is not the case.

The Apprenticeship landscape has grown and advanced tremendously over the years, and so your perception of what an Apprenticeship is may need to be altered

Information, advice and guidance (IAG) and ongoing support: Is this the right course for your child?

All learners will see a recruitment officer who provides information, advice and guidance prior to any learners enrolling on a course or programme of learning; you can be assured that learners are provided with the best advice to enable them to make their own career choices.

The tutors here are dedicated, passionate experienced staff who are good at offering plenty of support and advice for your child.