Complaints Procedure

Wise Origin College (WOC) is committed to all its customers and will ensure high quality service at all times, however it is understood that there will be times when customers may be unhappy with our service. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the organisation can raise their concerns. This Complaint Procedure assists staff to effectively deal with complaints from learners, parents, customers, employers, contractors, visitors and other interested parties. 


This Policy fully covers all type of learning, teaching, assessment of funded and commercial activity, including both accredited and non-accredited qualifications.

Section 1 – Informal Stage

It is recognised that some concerns are raised informally and these can be dealt with immediately. An informal complaint should be raised directly with the relevant Tutor, Trainer, Internal Quality Assessor or Training and Operations & Office Manager. 

Any such concerns should then be raised promptly and directly with the individual against whom there is a concern where relevant. 

We aim to resolve informal concerns quickly and effectively.  

If concerns are not satisfactorily resolved in this way complainants should follow Wise Origin College’s formal Complaints process as outlined below.


Section 2 – Formal Stage

The formal procedure is intended to ensure that all complaints are handled fairly, consistently and wherever possible resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction.


Responsibility of the Complainant

If the complaint is not resolved at the informal stage, or the complainant does not wish to follow the informal complaint process, they should:

Communicate their complaint in writing to Shameema Patel – Training and Operations Manager via  To speak to Shameema in person about a complaint please contact the 0116 2425557.  Bring their complaint to the attention of Wise Origin College within 6 weeks of the incident occurring.  Explain the concern as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date.


Responsibility of Wise Origin College

Wise Origin College welcomes feedback to enable us to improve our services. We will respond to any dissatisfaction with our services fairly and promptly;

You will receive an initial response within 48 hours of receipt of your formal complaint. Your complaint will be looked into and a response will be given to you within 10 working days detailing our findings.  A further detailed response will be sent on conclusion of a full investigation if relevant.  You may be offered a meeting with the parties involved if appropriate.  The Training and Operations Manager will log all informal and formal complaints on our central log.  These will be retained for a period of 1 years following resolution and closure of the complaint at which point all information relating to the complaint will be deleted.


Appeals and Escalation Process

You may appeal to the Director if you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your complaint.  Your appeal must be submitted within 20 working days from receipt of the complaint response.  In the event you are still not fully satisfied with the outcome or the handling of your complaint, you can refer it to the relevant Regulatory Body. Wise Origin College will provide you with the contact details of the relevant body upon request. 

For example this may be the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) whose complaints process can be found at



Wise Origin College will keep you informed of progress with your complaint and how we are handling the information provided under this Complaints Procedure.  Where an investigation is required, your information may be shared with other Wise Origin College staff members or external third parties. Before sharing your information, we would inform you of this, unless there were exceptional circumstances, for example, where doing so could pose a risk of harm to you or others.  


In the case of young people under the age of 18 raising a complaint, depending on the nature of the complaint, we may be obliged to inform their parent/guardian.


Complaint Process


  1. Email complaint to within 6 weeks of incident
  2. Complaint received will be recorded and acknowledged within 48 hours
  3. Complaint will be investigated by the Training and Operations Manager within 7 working days and response will be issued within 10 days
  4. Complainant to be updated in writing if response time is delayed beyond 10 days
  5. If the complaint is resolved then the case will be closed
  6. If the complaint is not resolved then the complainant must appeal in writing to Shameema Patel within further 10 working days
  7. The appeal will be passed onto to director and acknowledgement letter will be issued within a further 3 working days
  8. The complainant will be updated in writing if the response time of 3 working days is unlikely to be met
  9. Appeal Outcome reached
  10. Complainant is updated in writing after 10 days of Appeal outcome is reached 
  11. Complaint case closed


Staff Complaints

Staff employed by Wise Origin College must follow the same procedure above if they have a complaint. Their complaints should be addressed to either their manager or the company director.

Review of the Procedure

The Complaint Procedure will be revised annually by the Senior Management Team and Director.

Policy Review Review Date Next Review Date Approved by
Annually 26 July 2019 25 July 2020 Asif Khan