Who are apprenticeships for?

Apprenticeships are a fantastic opportunity for people to earn whilst achieving a nationally recognised qualification. They are available to all people aged 16 and over. Apprenticeships consist of a framework of different qualifications to be achieved.

Why participate in the apprenticeship scheme?

More than 100,000 employers use the Apprenticeship schemes to attract new talented staff members, helping to improve their companies productivity and competitiveness. Training an Apprentice is also a more cost effective way of hiring new staff, reducing your overall recruitment and training costs.

There are many benefits to you as the employer:

  • The skills they learn are exactly what is needed for the job
  • Gain skilled qualified staff in a cost effective way
  • Ensure that your staff have up-to-date training and qualifications
  • Ensure that your business is up-to-date with industry standards
  • Address skill shortages
  • Motivate your workforce
  • Improve staff retention
  • Enhance your productivity and profitability
  • Introduce fresh new ideas
  • Reduce costs for training and recruitment
  • Provides financial return on investment for your business.
  • Receive government incentives

New employees:

Wise Origin College is here to help you identify your recruitment needs, once we have established the potential vacancies you have we can advertise all of them on various job boards without any cost to yourselves.

However on occasions employers prefer to fully participate in the recruitment process, if this is the case we always give our employers the flexibility to find their own staff, if necessary.

Existing workforce:

If any of your existing workforce would want to be upskilled or be enrolled on any learning courses, an Apprenticeship could be an ideal avenue for learning while continuing with employment. We can arrange for a meeting and assess their needs, along with your business needs.

Apprenticeship incentive for employers:

Employers may be eligible for the following incentives listed in the link below


Pay and hourly rate:

The Current Minimum wage for Apprentices is £4.15 an hour, although we do encourage our employers to pay more based on performance