Clifton Packaging's Case Study

Clifton Packaging specialise in the manufacture of packaging, packing machinery and contract packing predominantly in the food sector.

Wise Origin College has provided Clifton Packaging with numerous apprentices in the past and look forward to providing them with more apprentices in the future.

When asked why they had chosen us as their recruitment company, they replied “we were looking to take on an apprentice, we got in touch with Wise Origin College and their recruitment and enrolling process has been very helpful. The Information, Advice, and Guidance that they have provided us with has been very very good and it has been a great customer experience.”

“It has been very nice to have the recruitment process done with ease, from scheduling the interviews with the candidates, to the smooth enrolment process.”

“I would recommend Wise Origin College as they have provided guidance at every step and have taken a proactive approach to the full process, this is what makes Wise Origin different”

– Kavita, Clifton Packaging