Digital Support Technician 

Level 3

13 months


  • Overview:

    Digital Support Technicians provide technical assistance and support to users, troubleshooting issues, maintaining digital systems, and ensuring smooth operations in various digital environments.

  • What does a Digital Support Technicians do?

    Digital Support Technicians are essential for organisations, facilitating digital adoption, optimising tools and systems to achieve objectives.

    Assist external customers through diverse digital channels, providing support, coaching, and issue resolution for accessing services, utilising digital systems, submitting information, and overcoming technology related challenges.

    Support Technicians interact with a wide variety of internal or external users of digital systems, through digital channels, by phone and/or face to face.

    • Autonomy: Operates with discretion under general direction, handling complex issues and assignments, following clear instructions, with frequent milestone reviews, and knowing when to escalate to higher levels.
    • Influence: Interacts and influences colleagues or customers, may supervise others, and makes impactful decisions on assigned work or project phases.
    • Business: Fully contributing to team efforts, independently planning, scheduling, and monitoring work within tight deadlines, and adhering to relevant legislation, standards, and procedures.

  • Job titles include:

    • Service Centre Operator
    • Digital Service Advisor
    • Digital Service Support
    • Digital Support Professional
    • Operations Technical Specialist
    • Technical Support Professional

  • Duties include:

    Apply relevant digital technologies effectively to achieve objectives.

    • Monitor and operate complex digital information and intelligence systems.
    • Maintain an awareness of current, emerging and fringe digital technologies.
    • Support and coach external users in their use of these digital technologies.
    • Utilise software packages and tools such as collaborative technologies, to interface effectively with external end-users.

  • Your apprenticeship journey

    The Digital Support Technician apprenticeship from Wise Origin College is designed to be completed over a 13 month period. The following gives an indicative overview of the themes contained within our programme, including working place assessments, project based activities and the completion of the End Point Assessment with BCS.

    • Month 1: CPD, Communication, Customer Support, ITIL
    • Month 2: Technical docs, ITIL, Health & Safety, WEEE
    • Month 3: Helpdesk Operations & Functions, ITIL
    • Months 4, 5, & 6: Data, Databases, & Digital Security
    • Month 7: Digital Systems & IoT
    • Month 8: Software & Operating Systems
    • Months 9 & 10: Maintenance & Resilience, Digital Problem Solving
    • Month 11: Cloud & Virtualisation Technologies
    • Months 12 & 13: Change Management, Digital Presence, & EPA Preparation