Dylan's Case Study

Dylan completed a Traineeship with Wise Origin College. This Traineeship included Employability, Customer Service, Business Administration, and Digital Skills.

“I saw the opportunity to get into something that i have always been interested in and saw that it was a good way to develop into the role that I wanted. the information, advice and guidance that I gained from doing this has helped put me on the right track in terms of what was expected from me and what the role I applied for would consist of.

I feel like this programme has helped in increasing my confidence and my teamwork abilities. It has also allowed me to gain a better understanding of what i can accomplish by being more direct.

The impact that this programme has had on me on a professional level includes things like helping me get a better understanding of different types of workplaces and a good understanding of what those workplaces would expect from you as an individual, it has also helped me develop on skills that are key in any organisation.

Wise Origin College supported me in various ways they supported me with my mental health after I had explained that did have anxiety, they have also made sure that I would participate in class and build up my confidence, they would also make sure that my work was correct and if I went wrong they took the time to help me fix my work.

In regards to my future with my career and professional development I hope to be on track doing a teaching apprentice and further develop that apprenticeship and turn it into becoming a full-time teacher”

“I would recommend this programme to anyone who is thinking about getting into a traineeship as they are very accommodating the lessons are fun and interactive and they do treat you like adults the staff are amazing and helpful”