Traineeship Courses

Traineeships are a government-funded courses that will include a work placement for young people aged between 16-24. 

The courses are short and they can be bespoke to the individual needs of a business. Wise Origin college will conduct a needs analysis for your business to ensure that both the employer and trainee are a perfect match.

The benefits of a traineeship 

  • Costs are met by the government and not the employer. Wise Origin College will also provide a training allowance to the trainee to support them to complete the traineeship programme
  • Wise Origin College will design a bespoke and flexible programme to meet the needs of the employer and the trainee
  • A fantastic way of recruiting new staff to your business and seeing how they perform before offering them a job or progressing them onto an apprenticeship to develop the trainee’s skills further
  • A trainee can support your business at busy times
  • Wise Origin College will support employers to best support their trainee’s and provide advice, guidance and new skills to use in the future
  • An employer recruiting a trainee is contributing to reducing employment in their local area and supporting their local community

The employer commitment

  • A minimum of 70 hours
  • The placement must be meaningful and provide substantial work experience
  • You as the employer will need to provide constructive feedback and advice to support the trainee’s development.

Wise Origin College encourages all work placements to put in place a point of contact for each trainee to act as a workplace mentor. This enable the learner to feel supported and contribute to positive development. Employers are not required to offer every trainee a job however, employers must:

  • Interview each trainee for a role within your business if one is available.
  • Interview each trainee for an apprenticeship role within your business if one is available
  • Provide each trainee with an exit interview and provide the trainee with honest, constructive and meaningful feedback to support their future development
  • A reference if required for the trainee’s career opportunities

Our commitment

Wise Origin is committed to all stakeholders including employers and learners In line with our core mission, vision and values. We pride ourselves on delivering excellence.

Wise Origin College will:

  • Assess your trainee’s current skillset and their career aspirations
  • Develop a bespoke training plan to meet the needs of both the trainee and the employer to promote positive outcomes for all
  • Plan the start date and organise the delivery to ensure its success
  • Deliver functional skills English and Maths if required
  • Train learners to gain relevant qualifications to support their sector and work skills
  • Provide a weekly training allowance to support the trainee with associated expenses
  • Conduct a pre-placement check to ensure the placement is suitable

Financial incentives 

Employers who take on a trainee will receive a £1,000 government grant per trainee up to a maximum of ten trainees. 

Employers who take on a trainee and progress them onto an apprenticeship will be eligible for further financial grants of up to £4,000 if the trainee is aged between 16-18 or £3,000 if a trainee is aged between 19-24.