Josh's Case Study

Josh successfully completed his Level 2 Customer Service course because he wanted to open as many doors as possible when it comes to progress.

When asked how the information, advice, and guidance supported him initially, he responded by saying “Everybody at Wise Origin College are very helpful when it comes to asking them questions. When I don’t understand something they will always help me to find the right answer and explain it in the best way to understand. They are extremely supportive when it comes to me struggling with work.”

Josh also said “When doing the programme, it had a massive impact on my everyday life as I met new people such as my mentor who always manages to make me laugh whenever we have a meeting, and always makes sure that I understand what she is trying to teach me. This makes you feel like they are talking to you and only you and it makes you feel safe.  They are a genuine college who care about yourself and don’t just care about the result at the end of your programme, this makes you feel a lot better about yourself and much more confident about your work. This programme has had a big effect on my professional level as it has made me feel a lot more confident when doing my work.”

“I would strongly recommend this course as it will suit anyone and will provide them with many skills that you can utilise in your career moving forward. When it comes to my mentor I genuinely couldn’t of asked for a nicer and more caring mentor she was amazing. She helped me out whenever I needed it. You learn so much but at the same time you have a good laugh which was one of the best things about the course”

“In the future, I would like to complete numerous other qualifications including the Level 5 Operations Manager to provide me with all of the necessary skills I need to become a manager or to run my own business”.