Layla's Case Study

Layla is in the process of completing a Business Admin Level 3 apprenticeship and plans to move on to complete a Level 4 and 5 to become an Operations Manager.

“I always knew that an apprenticeship was what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure what. But after having a mentor who was so supportive of me and my future goals, I felt motivated to proceed with the programme and I couldn’t be any happier. Not only do I get a qualification through Wise Origin College, but I also get to gain experience and earn money through my workplace. I feel accomplished every day knowing that I’m one step closer to my life goals: being a financially independent woman.”

Layla says that she is grateful to have such caring and supportive people within Wise Origin College who guided her to choose the right course that is perfect for career aspirations.

She is now planning to continue her apprenticeship with Wise Origin College until completing the Level 5 Operations Management programme where she will use her qualifications to further herself in the working world.

“They not only continuously push me to do my best, but they remind me of what I can achieve with a little hard work and perseverance.”