Multi-channel Marketer Level 3

Level 3

16 months


  • Overview

    As part of the Marketing team the multi-channel marketers will contribute to the implementation of the Marketing strategy and plans. They will be responsible for delivering day-to-day marketing activities across a multitude of platforms, channels and systems that are essential to the Marketing function and activities of the company.

  • What does a Multi-channel marketers do?

    Multi-channel marketers will define, design, build and implement campaigns across a variety of platforms to drive customer engagement and retention. In addition, they will be responsible for parts of the campaign within their area of responsibility. As part of the Marketing team, they will contribute to the implementation of the Marketing strategy and plans and will have responsibility for elements of the overall marketing plan.

  • Job titles include:

    • Digital communications assistant
    • Digital marketing assistant
    • Marketing administrator
    • Marketing assistant
    • Marketing communications assistant
    • Marketing junior
    • Social media assistant

  • Duties

    • Contribute to the marketing plan, delivery or evaluation of strategic marketing activity through the creation of written planning and evaluation documents and presentations, e.g., marketing campaign, market and customer intelligence research, communicate and present to stakeholders, agencies and internal teams.
    • Use appropriate primary and/or secondary research methods including survey tools, key word research tools and desktop research to gather marketing insight or evaluation.
    • Use research data to inform marketing decisions, targeting, planning, delivery, execution, and evaluation.
    • Source, create and edit content in collaboration with colleagues for appropriate marketing channels, such as website, email, social media, sales materials, affiliate marketing or event displays, ensuring that brand guidelines are met in order to achieve marketing objectives.
    • Support and manage the cataloguing of offline and digital marketing materials and assets in line with marketing regulations and legislation including sustainability of hard copy and digital campaigns, e.g., storage and organisation of marketing materials, administering creative asset management systems, recycling/circular economy/energy consumption.
    • Publish, monitor and respond to editorial, creative or video content via website, social media/video sharing platforms, offline platforms.
    • Support the administration of marketing activities, e.g., organise a webinar or online/offline event; run an email campaign, run a pay per click (PPC) campaign, support press, advertising and PR activity, and partner marketing activity.
    • Use the organisation's customer relationship management system (inhouse or externally sourced) to maintain accurate customer data and relationships are managed in the pursuit of marketing goals.
    • Identify and use relevant/emerging trends, solutions and technologies to implement effective marketing activities.
    • Contribute to the monitoring of marketing expenditure and activities to a specified budget and plan in line with company processes.
    • Monitor, optimise, analyse and evaluate marketing campaigns and channels in order to deliver on marketing objectives for the organisation and/or clients, measuring marketing delivery effectiveness.

  • Your apprenticeship journey

    • Months 1 & 2: Marketing planning
    • Months 3: Research.
    • Months 4, 5 & 6: Creating assets
    • Months 7: Monitoring assets.
    • Months 8: Legal, regulatory, and budgets
    • Months 9 & 10: Campaign
    • Months 11: Customer relationships
    • Months 12: Emerging trends and CPD
    • Months 13: Expenditure and planning
    • Months 14: Metrics and analytics
    • Months 15: Creative thinking, self-awareness, and personal development.
    • Months 16: EPA preparation