Niamh's Case Study

Niamh is currently in the process of completing the Digital Marketing Level 3 apprenticeship at her placement with Clifton Packaging Group Ltd. She is currently on her 3rd/4th month of meetings and self-study.

“After completing my level 3 BTEC in Creative Media, I decided that I wanted to venture more into either website development or graphic design. Seeing that Clifton Packaging Group was looking for an apprentice who would be studying digital marketing whilst learning more about graphic design, it motivated me to sign up for the apprenticeship to study digital marketing. Adding on, with social media being one of the most popular forms of marketing nowadays, learning how to promote using these platforms is something that I would need to understand, especially if I decide to do content creation on the side.

The initial information, advice and guidance from Cherine was very useful since it helped me be more confident for the interview and helped me be prepared. Adding on, Cherine helped by giving information regarding the course other than what I could find online.

Enrolling on this programme has helped me with my work since I was struggling to find apprenticeships or jobs in the area I wanted to work in (either website development or graphic design). I think being able to interact with other people who are on the same apprenticeship as me has helped quite a bit, although 1:1’s are useful, having other students there makes it seem less of a presentation and adds more interactivity to the sessions.

This programme has helped me improve and enhance on my skills with video editing and website development as these are my current projects assigned from my manager. As I progress through the course, I am going to be able to improve on my SEO skills and my coding, since these are some of the areas that I am going to cover during my apprenticeship. I also feel that taking on this apprenticeship has widened my skills professionally and that I will also adapt and improve a variety of soft skills that I had previously from completing my BTEC college course, such as time management, organisation and others.

My new Tutor Neel has been really good. He has been a really great tutor, explaining the topics in detail and answering any questions that I had. He has been responding to emails when he has the chance since I’ve been asking him a variety of queries about the work/lessons.”

“Overall I recommend the Digital Marketing qualification to those who have an interest/would like a career in the digital marketing industry.”